Friday, August 6, 2010

My Lunch Meeting Yesterday

Conversation with my Executive Producers yesterday...


  1. Oh snap!! Not the Rat!! hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa Nice.

  2. Why was Josh Hutcherson dressed up as Cherie Currie?

  3. that's so funny!

    you are a genius, Joseph!!

    So tell me something, why does it seem that all recent music videos out there didn't use a tripod to record the scenes?? Is there a reason? Because the scenes get so shaky and they seem kinda amateur sometimes. I cannot be because of lower budgets, there must be a reason, really, and I try to find it out but I can't.

  4. Niarchos... Really? Let me answer that... Tripod is amateur.

  5. Sorry, posted early. As for "It can't be because of lower budgets" you have no idea. Budgets for music videos have never been lower, and frankly many labels (not your bigger marquee artists but everyone else) would rather give a few thousand to some film student with a 7D. That isntto say they will make a bad video, but there are limitations and there is some value to an experienced director.

    I work mainly in Hip Hop videos just because of my location. We just did a video for a very well known artist, it is currently top 10 on MTV2s Sucker Free Countdown and the budget was less then $10,000 which is a lot in "real people money" but not exactly fat cat for music videos.